About Us

We are a local, family owned and operated business. We have spent many years dedicated to the food and service industries.

From our humble beginnings in 1991, in a florist shop, we transformed an old, rundown church building into a busy wedding chapel business. We needed the ability to prepare foods, for the wedding business, so we went to work once again, and took an old house we used for storage, and made it into a commercial kitchen, with individual dining rooms.

Little did we know, we were about to jump into the restaurant business with vigor and enthusiasm. In 1999, we opened the full service restaurant and catering business, in the small, rural west Tennessee town of Troy.

But with all of this, we felt the need for a place of our own to have larger banquets and receptions. In 2003, we designed and built The Moffat Centre in Troy. We discovered that we have a passion for providing great quality services and diverse products to this small rural community – services which typically are only found in larger cities.

It was our desire to take this passion, and put it into a newer designed building, serving an upscale quality menu, in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and include a patio area, and bar. The opportunity presented itself, and once again we began planning the next phase of our business.

In early 2007, we began construction on the Sassafraz Restaurant building in Union City, and opened for business October 23rd, 2007.

We stay very involved in our business day to day, and have found the need to concentrate our efforts in our restaurant and catering business.

We still use the experience and knowledge we gained in the floral and wedding business in the many events we have at our banquet center and outside catering venues.